ActionVector-IoT is a Java based, scalable, secure and robust platform for developing IoT Applications and Solutions. The platform is organized as a set of service frameworks that can be configured, customized or even extended to meet your application or solution specific needs.

The ActionVector-IoT is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

The Platform comprises of an independent set of Frameworks namely – (a) Common Applications and Services (CAS) Frameworks that encapsulate common, generic, core foundation services that  every IoT application requires and, (b) Domain Applications and Services (DAS) Frameworks that encapsulate services specific to the application domain such as smart city, smart energy, smart data center or services specific to devices or standards applicable across domains. This separation enables independent evolution of the core technical platform and domain or application specific frameworks.

The platform includes a reference implementation of the DAS for Solar Plant Monitoring and Analytics Solution and IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics Solution. These reference implementations clearly brings out the the overall structure of an IoT application in terms of CAS and DAS frameworks and reinforces the common design principles such as encapsulation, extensibility and loose coupling.

The Service Frameworks are highly configurable and can also be easily customized to your needs. you may replace a service framework with your own implementation complying to the APIs. For example, the ActionVector-IoT supports the stream analytics via Esper engine ( You may integrate your own CEP engine or other frameworks.


The documentation for this platform is available on GitHub


This platform is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

How to Contribute

ActionVector-IoT platform code (with reference solution implementations) is hosted on GitHub

Please report issues at Server Git Issues and Send your pull requests to development branch.

Contact us at for any questions or clarifications. You may also post issues on GitHub