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Business Process Management

proKosha© brings the power of Business Process Management to organizations that constantly face the challenge of managing multiple process silos. It empowers business owners to automate business processes and align them with IT services making the enterprise more agile. Being a content-driven solution, it allows organizations to leverage existing IT investments by interconnecting various departments, systems, processes and people.

proGhata© enables business analyst to model business processes through visual notations, deploy it and validate the models through form based user interface.

proVidha© is the core process execution engine. This is the process container where several automated business processes may be run.

Typical Business Processes involve both software systems and people. Another reality with many processes is that there are parts of process where it is very difficult to define...

proBodha© enables process owners to track the process execution, identify process delays and bottlenecks act in near real time. It also provides variety of reports.

Industry Verticals


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